Even though Jaylen Brantley is preparing to transfer from the University of Maryland, he seems to be very invested in this university's student government. Or maybe he wants to pursue a career in politics like former Terp and congressman Tom McMillen.

Either way, Brantley tweeted a message of support for the UMD One Party, with an image of one of its flyers. That image is focused on one particular campaign promise:

Apparently, Brantley wants to make sure all Terps have access to free menstrual health products. Surely happy to receive the endorsement, the official One Party account retweeted Brantley.

It was only his ninth tweet since April 10, when the news first broke that Brantley would transfer from Maryland to play his final year of basketball eligibility elsewhere, so it's obviously important to him. Should the One Party prevail in this week's elections, though, the junior guard won't even be around to see this plan implemented.

If Brantley found this portion of the One Party's platform humorous, the party's candidates are serious. A.J. Pruitt, SGA vice president of student affairs and One Party presidential candidate, has led his committee in creating a limited pilot program for free feminine hygiene products in some Stamp Student Union bathrooms this semester.

Of course, Brantley could also be passionate about supporting the other health initiatives pictured in the tweet: reducing wait times at the Counseling Center and extending hours of operation at the Health Center.

Wherever Brantley transfers for his final year of college, we'll want to see if he makes any more endorsements for his new school's student government.