The state's attorney's office has dropped one charge against University of Maryland student Brandon Kraut, who was arrested after a drug raid at his College Park home in March.

Kraut was charged with possession with the intent to distribute illegal drugs and possession of over 10 grams of marijuana. The former charge was dropped, but the latter remains.

Kraut's trial is set for August 3 at the Prince George's County District Courthouse.

Kraut was arrested after officers discovered 375 THC cartridges during a raid of his home on the 7500 block of Dickinson Avenue. Police conducted the search with the permission of a resident of the home. A police dog alerted officers to controlled substances found in a package addressed to Kraut.

Over 600 people have since signed a petition for Kraut, a senior communication major, to graduate and walk with the class of 2017.

The Office of Student Conduct declined to comment on his case, but the possession and distribution of illegal drugs, including THC, the main chemical component in marijuana, are against this university's Code of Student Conduct.