Like most UMD students, Joshua Tomaic just wanted to visit home during his summer break. The Canary Islands native and Maryland basketball forward flew to Spain two weeks ago on United Airlines, but ran into some lengthy passport trouble at the airport en route to the archipelago. Maryland men's basketball assistant coach Dustin Clark had some choice words for United on Twitter.

According to Clark's thread, a United employee dropped Tomaic's passport and ran it over with the wheel of a chair when the sophomore tried to leave Washington for Spain. Tomaic was eventually allowed to leave, but later got stuck when he was trying to come back to the states on Monday.

Although Tomaic did not tweet about his long wait in the Madrid airport, he left some clues on his Instagram story.

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A few hours later:

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Even more hours later:

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Clark was on the phone with United for more than an hour trying to make sense of the situation, but Tomaic is finally back in the good ol' US-of-A.

We'd be pretty peeved too, Dustin and Joshua.