The University of Maryland named Joel Seligman its new associate vice president for marketing and communications Wednesday.

Seligman, the associate vice president and chief communications officer at the University of New Hampshire, will assume his new role at this university on August 14, he said.

In his new role, Seligman will lead strategic communications and marketing campaigns for this university.

The position was formerly held by Brian Ullmann, who announced his departure in April, effective May 26. He had served in the role and on University President Wallace Loh's cabinet since 2010. Ullmann said that he plans to solo-hike the highest points in all 50 states following his resignation.

Seligman has held senior communications positions at Cornell University, Boston University and the University of Chicago, and said he is eager to build on this university's "world-class brand."

"I've worked in four comprehensive research universities, and each of them has a  unique culture and unique needs associated with them," he said. "There's been a different recipe for each different university I've been in."

Seligman said he's excited about the opportunity to market a Big 10 school for the first time in his career.

"I'm excited about that — the national media visibility, the sense of school spirit and pride," he said. "I know some people who have attended Big 10 schools and they have a sort of ravenous support for their schools. I look forward to tapping into that spirit."

Both Seligman's alma mater, Cornell University, and the University of New Hampshire are land grant universities, which he said will segue well into his time at this university.

"I get that role pretty deeply in my bones at this point … so I think that will translate well," he said.

CORRECTION: Due to a reporting error, a previous version of this story named Seligman the assistant vice president for marketing and communications. He is the associate vice president for marketing and communications. This article has been updated.