Maryland football is giving away T-shirts with memes on them for the upcoming game against Towson. While the idea is certainly original, there are better ideas for what the Terps could be handing.

Here are some ideas besides meme T-shirts for Maryland to consider giving to students — or just all fans — for sporting events.


Why limit yourself just to T-shirts when it comes to providing free articles of clothing for Terps fans? Hats are a solid alternative to T-shirts and come in a wide variety of styles. A baseball cap, winter hat, bucket hat or even something like a cowboy hat would add some variety to the normal plethora of T-shirts that students receive. Just do not give out fedoras.


Why limit yourself to just articles of clothing? Bobbleheads are great collector's items and make perfect decorations for anyone's dorm, apartment or other living space. Women's basketball already gave out bobbleheads in 2016, so there's no reason men's basketball and football can't follow suit. Just imagine the line there would have been for a Melo Trimble bobblehead last season.

Unique posters

At every sporting event, you can count on people at a table giving out posters with that team's schedule. And while those posters are fine, virtually every school has its own version of a schedule poster. During the 2015-16 men's basketball season, they gave out posters like this one, with Melo Trimble draped in the Maryland flag.

Posters that are not just a few players striking the pose with the schedule listed stand out, and Maryland should look to continue doing things like the Trimble poster.

Anything celebrating Terps in the pros

Maryland already does a good job promoting its successful alumni with the montages they show on the jumbotron in which football and basketball players say their name and then declare, "I have Maryland pride." Maryland Athletics should build on that by doing anything it can for giveaways to celebrate the Terps who turned pro. A giveaway involving Stefon Diggs or Jake Layman would be something that would generate no shortage of excitement for people proud of their recently drafted Terps.