For students, cheering sections can be taken very seriously, and in some cases, not at all. But many students' memories don't just come from what happens on the court of field, but what's happening in the bleachers.

After a pair of Northwestern extra points went over the field goal net and into the crowd in the Terps' game Saturday, what ensued caught more attention than the second half of the game altogether. On two separate occasions, fans tossed the ball around the student section, and then around the stadium, with the first ball even making its way to the upper deck.

That has to be among the most unique fan experiences in Terps history, but how does it stack up against others?

6. Turgeonites

Traditions are what make college sports so great. For Maryland basketball, one of the newer traditions is the Turgeonites. This group of students sits five rows behind the Maryland bench at every home game, dressing like head coach Mark Turgeon and mimicking his movements and the dance team's. The dedication and details are superb, including spot dying their hair to match Turgeon's gray spot. Now, they've become known around college basketball and are a staple of Terps homes games.

5. Football Toss Saturday's loss to Northwestern will be remembered, somewhat because of the Terps lackluster defense and D.J. Moore's continued dominance, but even more because of the crowd looking like father and son in the backyard throwing the pigskin around. It caught the attention of the entire stadium, getting more cheers with every throw. What made it even better was that it happened again later on in the game. Seeing everyone come together is just another example of what makes Maryland fans so great.

4. "You are ugly!"

Maryland's student section is the best in the Big Ten, and part of that is because of its past savagery. Few are better than when the entire section chanted, "You are ugly!" to Iowa's Jarrod Uthoff while he was shooting free throws. It certainly got in Uthoff's head as the Hawkeye's leading scorer was held to only nine points and the Terps came out with the victory. Iowa fans didn't seem to like it either. Last season the victim was Isaac Hass of Purdue. The chanting set off Haas as well, even leading to a technical foul.

3. Flash Mobs Starting in 2013 against Duke, the flash mobs have become another tradition for Maryland basketball. For the annual flash mob, the entire student section impressively learns the choreography before the game to go along with the show on the court. The flash mobs have gotten more and more elaborate each year, including last year's that featured shirts with a white front and red back, and dancing that had students jumping back and forth to change the colors of the sections. One of the best was two years ago in a game when the Terps took down No. 5 Wisconsin. I'd like to think that the energy provided from the flash mob helped push Maryland towards the upset.

2. Soccer Stands Collapsing

The Crew knows how to operate. In 2013, Maryland soccer broke their attendance record, and consequently, the student section bleachers, when the Terps took on Duke at Ludwig Field. Part II almost came this season in dramatic fashion. When Maryland sealed a 3-2 win over No. 15 UCLA with an overtime goal by Sebastian Elney, the fourth largest Ludwig crowd went wild. Elney's celebration led to him and the team jumping up to The Crew and the stands nearly went again.