The University of Maryland announced Oct. 16 athletic director Kevin Anderson would go on a six-month sabbatical, with Damon Evans handling his duties on an interim basis. Anderson, who took over at this university in 2010, had reportedly not been in his office for several weeks, according to The Washington Post.

Evans came to College Park in 2014 and served as the executive director, chief financial officer and chief operating officer of athletics.

Here's a look into how Anderson's absence is impacting Maryland's teams.


Anderson showed he cared about the Maryland volleyball team by attending practices and matches. He's forged personal connections through his interactions with staff and players.

But coach Steve Aird doesn't think the move will affect his team's day-to-day operations.

"I think Kevin's a really good guy. I think he did a great job. I think Damon's more than capable," Aird said. "Whoever is in that position I think is going to look out for us and give us everything we need to be successful."

While the athletic director leads the department, Aird said the entire administrative staff cares for his program.

Anderson was crucial in Maryland's move from the ACC to the Big Ten, and that shift is what brought Aird from Penn State to start his head coaching career in College Park. Since arriving in 2014, Aird has guided a rebuilding effort, backed by two consecutive ranked recruiting classes — the first in program history.

His program has gotten more exposure by playing five matches on the Xfinity Center main court this year. Plus, there are plans to build a new volleyball locker room and team suite connected to Xfinity Pavilion, a project Aird said the staff worked to raise funds for.

"Women's volleyball in the Big Ten is one of, if not the, premier women's [sports] when you look at the crowds and the quality of teams and whatnot," Aird said. "They knew they needed to invest. And I think every year we've been in the conference, they've taken another step forward to really help."


Coach DJ Durkin said because Evans oversaw the Maryland football team before Anderson's sabbatical, his program does not anticipate much change in its operations.

Durkin, who's in his second season in charge of the Terps, said Evans and Anderson maintained a close working relationship, which could help smooth the transition between administrators.

"It's not anything drastic," Durkin added.

Men’s Lacrosse

Since Anderson took over the athletic department in 2010, the Maryland men's lacrosse team has reached five national championship games and won the title for the first time in 42 years.

But Anderson wasn't responsible for hiring coach John Tillman, who was brought on three months before Anderson arrived in College Park.

"I've been through it, fortunately," Tillman said. "Kevin Anderson came in and it was kind of a seamless transition. I foresee the same thing [here]."

Because Tillman experienced the shift in leadership from former athletic director Debbie Yow to Anderson, he wasn't fazed by Anderson's sabbatical.

"Damon has done a tremendous job over the past couple of years," Tillman said. "He's got a lot of experience, so we're looking forward to working with him and are thankful for his support."

Field Hockey

Anderson's six-month sabbatical will not directly impact the Maryland field hockey program, coach Missy Meharg said.

Meharg, who is in her 30th season at this university, praised Evans.

"Every AD is different," Meharg said. "I've been through a lot of ADs. In this situation, I know Damon has been in charge of a lot of things. Kevin has had a lot of faith in him. It would make sense that he's doing this right now in the time of [Anderson's] sabbatical.

"We just wish the best for Kevin."