Last week Maryland dropped its third straight game to Wisconsin, 38-13. The Terps have looked overmatched in each of their four losses (UCF, Ohio State, Northwestern and Wisconsin) and desperately need to earn a victory to keep their bowl hopes alive. On paper, a home matchup against Indiana should be in Maryland's favor, but the Terps are a 4.5-point underdog. Last year, the Hoosiers won in Bloomington, 42-36.

We asked WIUX sports director Eddie Koton what Maryland fans can expect from the 3-4 Indiana football squad.

How has Tom Allen impacted the Indiana football program?

Tom Allen has completely shifted the mentality of the program. I couldn't tell you if that's a good thing, because the results are all the same, but Indiana has gone from a stern aggressive offensive coach to a sweet, energetic defensive coach that preaches love and religion. It's cute, but it doesn't win games.

How does Indiana's run defense stack up against Maryland's rush attack of Ty Johnson and Lorenzo Harrison?

Indiana's run defense should stack up pretty well. Indiana completely shut down Penn State's Saquon Barkley (20 carries for 56 yards) earlier in the year, but then in turn they completed trashed the bed against Michigan, allowing Karan Higdon to pick up 203 rushing yards in a 27-20 loss. Other than that poor performance, Indiana is good against the run thanks to linebackers Tegray Scales and Chris Covington.

What aspect of Tegray Scales' game makes him so good?

Honestly, it's all mental with Tegray Scales. He's just remarkably intelligent and reactionary. He leads the defense by calling plays and reading the offense. Without him, Indiana would be hopeless.

Indiana has played several ranked opponents close this season, despite not coming out on top. Is this Indiana team the best you have seen in recent years? If not why?

It's probably the best team in a while, but not by much. It could be the best defense in program history. Unfortunately, the offense just isn't there to match. If you take this year's defense and combine it with 2015's offense, then you have the third-ranked S+P team in the country right now. That should tell you just how terrible the offense has been this year.

What can Maryland fans expect out of quarterback Peyton Ramsey?

A mobile quarterback that lives on short passing outside the pocket. He's going to be Indiana's best "running back" in concept through the read option, but it will never be overwhelming. He's just an above-average game manager.

The Hoosiers will win if… they don't try to do to much. Trust in your defense, be content in ending drives with field goals and just try to squeak by with a win.

The Terps will win if… they can make Peyton Ramsey uncomfortable and force turnovers. Maryland has one of the best turnover margins in the country, and it needs to maintain that to carry an offense on, what, its eighth quarterback? Along with that, Maryland has to finish drives. Don't settle for field goals, because Indiana rarely gives up chances.