This Saturday, to nobody's surprise, Maryland defeated Indiana 42-39 and No. 2 Penn State lost to No. 6 Ohio State 39-38. Because of this one week scope, Maryland is doing better than their Pennsylvanian Big Ten rival.

Here at Terps Watch, we like to view things with the most narrow sight and absolutely no context, so let's give it a whirl.

Running back play:

Ty Johnson: 98 yards

Saquon Barkley: 80 yards.

I've heard a lot of chatter that Barkley is a Heisman Trophy candidate, maybe even the frontrunner, but his rushing statistics this week were very pedestrian. College Park knows a lot about pedestrians, they are the worst. It would be an exaggeration to say Barkley is the worst, but 2.1 yards per carry? YEESH. Johnson's 7 yards per attempt blows Barkley out of the water. I know Barkley had that return touchdown, but Indiana was so scared of Johnson that they actively kicked it away from him the entire way. Definitely because the Hoosiers were scared of Johnson not returning just one touchdown, but two.

Top Receiver:

D.J. Moore: 4 catches, 77 yards, 1 touchdown

Mike Gesicki: 6 catches, 57 yards, 0 touchdowns.

Leaving out that D.J. Moore was already the conference's top receiver, 1>0.

Total points scored:

Maryland: 42

No. 2 Penn State: 38

People could make the classic argument that Penn State was playing one of the nation's top opponents. But the Nittany Lions offense seemed to put up a decent amount of points and it still could not equate to Maryland's tantalizing offensive output. Plus, had Penn State scored as many points, they would have won so….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Punts inside the 20 yardline:

Maryland: 3

Penn State: 1

Pro Football Hall of Fame coach George Allen said "Football is one-third offense, one-third defense and one third special teams." The late former Redskins coach might have shed a tear if he saw the punting performance of Maryland's Wade Lees. The Australian lefty was superb at pinning the Hoosiers within the 20-yard line, especially this beauty, which pinned Indiana at their own one yard line at a crucial point in the fourth quarter:

Blocked Punts:

Maryland: 1

Penn State: 0

Not only did Penn State not block an Ohio State punt, but they allowed the Buckeyes to block a punt of their own. It must be embarrassing to root for the Nittany Lions this year. Watch this beauty by Darnell Savage Jr., who recovers his own block for a touchdown. Indiana, welcome to the block party.