Maryland men's basketball freshman trio turned heads last year and showed hope for the future of the program who would one day be without Melo Trimble. Well that day is today, and Anthony Cowan, Kevin Huerter and Justin Jackson are expected to keep the Terps relevant in the Big Ten. Here's how Huerter and Jackson are ranked nationally, as some of the best college players in the country.

List Jackson Huerter
ESPN #20 N/A
CBS Sports #65 #68
The Big Lead #33 N/A
Bleacher Report Honorable Mention N/A
NBC Sports #47 #95
SB Nation #54 Honorable Mention

ESPN, who ranked Jackson the highest said he is a "multidimensional player, especially the way he can score on the offensive end." Meanwhile, Huerter was described by CBS as having "great size for his position."

Note: SB Nation, CBS Sports and NBC Sports ranked their top 100, ESPN and The Big Lead ranked their top 50 and Bleacher Report ranked their top 25 best men's players in the country. Anthony Cowan did not make any list.