Maryland has been out of the ACC for a few years, but I believe there have been some infamous celebrations in the past when the Terps take down Duke.

Well, it's time to celebrate again.

At the NCAA Field Hockey quarterfinals in Durham, North Carolina, (that's right — the home of the evil empire) the Maryland field hockey team upset No. 2 Duke 3-2 to advance to the Final Four.

If you're reading this right now, it may already be Monday, once you've finally gotten back home from a celebration on Route 1. But I'm here to remind you once again that Maryland beat Duke.

The ninth-ranked Terps trailed Duke 2-1 with under seven minutes to play, but then freshman Bodil Keus came to the rescue and tied the game with her 11th goal of the season.

Although the Terps have had success in the past in overtime against Duke (see 2006 NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship game and 2004 ACC Men's Basketball Championship game), Missy Meharg's team decided they should spare the Blue Devils this time and just win in regualtion.

So junior phenom Linnea Gonzalez took matters into her own hands, and sent Maryland to the Final Four.

Just to recap: Maryland beat Duke, and that's all that ever matters.