It might be Super Bowl week, but a lot of people — with the exception of Saints fans — haven't forgotten about the Minneapolis Miracle.

Stefon Diggs' 61-yard buzzer-beater touchdown that delivered the win for the Vikings in the NFC divisional round was the talk of the sports world for a week. Unfortunately for Minnesota, all the joy following that catch quickly vanished, as the Eagles took down the Vikings 38-7 in the NFC championship game.

Now, as Philadelphia is preparing to represent the conference at U.S. Bank Stadium against the Patriots, Diggs is still riding the wave of buzz. The former Terp has been all over the media before, but today he made his way around sports talk shows, appearing on the Dan Patrick Show and ESPN's First Take.

As the Super Bowl is taking place in Minnesota, Diggs answered some questions about the matchup and his ideal NFL wide receiver. Most of the talk, though, was around the miracle play two Sundays ago.

When Patrick asked what he pictures mentally when catching the ball, Diggs replied, "You've been doing it so long that you know where you are on the field and what you need to do, but you gotta catch it first."

Diggs fielded similar questions from Molly Qerim, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take, but he also dove into the Vikings' loss against the Eagles.

"We came to play, they came to win," Diggs said. "We didn't do everything we needed to do offensively."

Minnesota jumped out to a 7-0 lead after its first drive but failed to do anything against the Philly defense after that. Diggs finished with eight receptions for 70 yards, nowhere near the 137 yards and touchdown in the previous game that shocked the football world.

Diggs confirmed his nickname among the team is Diggsy, which was first coined by Norv Turner, his offensive coordinator his first two seasons. With his third season in the league over, Diggs has set some high expectations with his playmaking ability. As he said on Patrick's show this morning, "I make one more play like that and we'll have something to talk about."