By Brad Dress

For The Diamondback

As residents of Terrapin Row filtered out of their apartments Monday and went downstairs to grab a cup of coffee, they noticed a lack of paper cups to hold their caffeinated fuel.

The student apartment complex offers residents free Starbucks coffee in the lobbies of all three of its buildings. However, the management team sent an email to residents Monday announcing it will no longer provide non-reusable paper cups at its coffee stations.

In lieu of paper cups, Terrapin Row management is providing each resident with a free reusable coffee cup available in the leasing office, according to the email sent to residents. The change is a result of the complex's effort to "keep our property green," the email read.

But some residents, such as senior Katie Henderson, aren't fans. She said she finds the change annoying, especially when she's in a rush.

"I take my coffee to go," the communication major said. "It kind of sucks that I have to wash this cup."

Senior Ryan Hutchens also said he's not adjusting well to the change, adding the machines are no longer convenient for him.

"It's nice to have the old ones so you can take it to class and throw it out," the mechanical engineering major said.

Terrapin Row did not respond to a request for comment.

Junior mechanical engineering major Jake Dieter, anther resident, said he thinks the change could actually save time.

In addition to these changes, residents will soon see an entirely new option for coffee. A Dunkin' Donuts location is scheduled to open in one of Terrapin Row's vacancies sometime in mid-March, said Usman Chaudhry, a Dunkin' Donuts franchisee.

The coffee chain will be housed in the vacant space of Building B, which is on the corner of Knox Road.

This new coffee option is appealing to residents like junior Andrew Brasch, an architecture major.

"If I'm in a rush, I'll get a drink [at Terrapin Row] because it's probably faster," Brasch said. "But Dunkin' has really good breakfast sandwiches, so if I have more time I'll probably stop there."

Terrapin Row has announced several other restaurants will be moving into its complex, including SeoulSpice, Wings Over, Cheers Cut, Poki District and Gong Cha. Although these companies have all signed leases, none have opened yet.

Other nearby student housing options, such as Landmark and the View, do not offer free coffee to residents. However, this amenity is available in The Varsity, which continues to offer paper, non-reusable cups.