On Friday, Yahoo Sports reported that several high-profile former and current college basketball players had received loans and other benefits from Andy Miller, a former NBA agent.

Former Terp Diamond Stone was one of the players mentioned in the article, although there's no indication Stone received any improper benefits from Maryland.

The article has prompted a larger discussion about the idea of amateurism in college athletics, and several people connected to Maryland athletics have weighed in. Perhaps the most surprising person with a connection is former football head coach Randy Edsall, who tweeted this.

I don't think anyone would have expected Edsall to speak out like this — he's currently the head coach at Connecticut, so he very much has a horse in this race — but 2018 is a year full of surprises.

Meanwhile, former Maryland football player Jermaine Carter brought up the idea of college athletes boycotting.

Another football player, AJ Francis, said he would have done the same thing that the college basketball players were reported to have done.

They were joined by former Maryland men's soccer player Suli Dainkeh, who offered his somewhat vague opinion on the issue.

Whether college players should be paid is a debate that's existed for quite a while, and the ongoing scandal in college basketball has brought the issue to the forefront once again. Several of Maryland's former coaches and players have made their views on the issue pretty clear.