With tears in our eyes and three boxes of half-priced doughnuts in our hands, we bid a fond farewell to one of the most important establishments here in College Park Sunday night. Of course, we're speaking about Wawa. As the doors closed for the last time, many of those who came to see the store off took some souvenirs with them as a reminder of the good times and memories they've had at Wawa. Here are a few things people on the campus ended up with.

Kleenex, anyone?We hear that the Peeping Tom made one final stop at Wawa before the doors closed, and walked out with several boxes of Wawa-brand hand cream and tissues.

Hairy scaryJust-off-the-bench quarterback Chris "Sunshine" Turner was seen stocking up on Frizz-Ease and other assorted hair products.

Hungry manRalph Friedgen was seen scooting out of Wawa just as the doors closed with several Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner.

Extra crabbyStudent Government Association President Andrew Friedson, dressed in a crab costume, made a cameo as he darted into Wawa in the final minutes to pick up 40 containers of Old Bay spice.

Nutty behaviorSeveral of the thousands upon thousands of fearless squirrels scampered in and raided the garbage cans, frightening several students.

Rag magsUniversity President Dan Mote was seen with several Us Weekly and People magazines in his hands, scowling loudly when he realized he was not featured in any of them.

Get it rightSeveral frightened fraternity pledges were seen stocking up on condoms and chicken sandwiches, nervously nitpicking the sandwich ladies on how much mayonnaise to apply to each sandwich.

Wawa on the half shellTestudo, the university's beloved mascot, was seen stuffing Cosmo Girl and Häagen-Dazs pints into his shell prior to the closing of Wawa. What's with the Cosmo Girl, Testudo? Why not Seventeen?

Still awkward, even at closingThat guy/girl you randomly hooked up with freshman year? They were there. They were seen standing awkwardly in line with a Wawa mug, trying to make a split-second decision whether or not to say hi to you.