Is Facebook ruining your romance?
Is Facebook ruining your romance?

As women of the technology generation, social media has not only become a staple for most of us, but a pastime as well. Bored? Facebook. Tired of studying? Twitter. Can’t pay attention in class any longer? Pinterest. Procrastinating Homework? Instagram.

But the reality of these addicting pastimes is that they do affect the way we are viewed. As women in college, it is inevitable that we are going to take numerous photos, tweet about a thousand times and instagram enough meals to treat all of the hunger in Africa.

It is only natural to wonder if this is truly a good thing for our social lives. When does enough become too much in the realm of dating? Are we blowing out the candle of mystery and leaving too much of a smoke trail in the form of status updates?

When it comes to relationships, half the fun is getting to know your new person of interest and having no idea what you will find behind their everyday exterior. Yet social media is beginning to seem like a resume in the world of dating, waiting to be analyzed by the next potential man that happens to stumble across our home pages.

This bares one harsh question: Are we making it too easy?

As much as I hate to admit it, a part of me truly thinks we are. Social media does so many great things in the world of communication, but in the realm of dating, I think it hurts more than it helps.

Think of all of the jealousy that has been sparked by something as simple as a wall post or the issues that come from making a relationship “Facebook Official.” Better yet, how many times have you judged a guys profile by where he is from, his tagged photos, who has written on his wall and all of his likes before truly getting to know him.

The reality is that we are all treating each other’s profiles like covers of books, determining if a person is worth the read by the status updates and numerous muploads. In the library of profiles that linger on the walls of social media, it is only natural to wonder where your book sits and how many times it is read.

Yet when it comes to dating, just remember that the best books can have simple covers and a great cover never guarantees a good book.