I'm not really sure how most of you with iPhones feel about Siri. Personally, I could do without her, although her ability to transcribe text messages and send tweets while driving has come in handy on some lengthy road trips.

But now, most at this university have a reason to be OK with our pocketed personal assistant: Siri is a Terrapins football fan.

If you ask Siri, "What's your favorite football team?" and then select college football, she'll reveal that she "always like[s] to root for the underdog" and "I guess that makes me a fan of Maryland right now."

It appears to be an easter egg within Siri, as pointed out by USA Today in August. If I connect the dots, Siri will always say her favorite football team is the one that's ranked No. 25 in the polls. So preseason No. 25 Oregon State was Siri's favorite back then, as pointed out on Twitter by Beavers coach Mike Riley. Unfortunately, that's just an assumption because I haven't been asking Siri who her favorite team is on a weekly basis (my bad).

Siri does have one thing right, though: The Terps are indeed the underdog this week. They play at No. 8 Florida State on Saturday in Tallahassee, Fla., where they've never won. Plus, the Seminoles opened as 17-point favorites according to a few odds sites.

So yeah, Siri is a Terps fan, at least for this week. Who knows if that will help you sleep at night, but the next time you accidentally activate Siri in class and have to endure the beeps signaling so, at least you know it's a fellow Terps fan.

(h/t to everyone tweeting about this)