<p>Quarterback C.J. Brown was 6-of-14 passing for 82 yards before leaving with a concussion in the Terps' 63-0 loss to Florida State on Oct. 5, 2013.</p>

Quarterback C.J. Brown was 6-of-14 passing for 82 yards before leaving with a concussion in the Terps' 63-0 loss to Florida State on Oct. 5, 2013.

If you’re a diehard Terrapins football fan eagerly awaiting an update on quarterback C.J. Brown’s status after he suffered a concussion in Saturday’s 63-0 loss at Florida State, you’re going to have to wait.

Coach Randy Edsall said he won’t reveal anything on Brown’s likelihood of playing in this Saturday’s matchup against Virginia until the team’s weekly injury report is released Thursday evening.

“As far as the injuries go in regards to anybody, I won’t make any comment until Thursday after practice when we get a chance to evaluate everybody during practice during the week,” Edsall said. “At the end of the week, maybe about six o’clock, we’ll have updates about all the injuries.”

Edsall said he waits until Thursday to reveal any information about injuries in case a player re-aggravates an injury during the week or a new player gets hurt. He doesn’t want to say a player is probable or ready to play and then have them get hurt before the injury report comes out.

Edsall was also asked about the Terps’ concussion protocol, given the intense scrutiny head injuries are under in recent years. In his answer, Edsall also talked about how the Terps make injuries on decisions in general, so I’ve reproduced his answer in full below:

"We have a process and a protocol that our players have to go through here that is administered by our players and our doctors. I’m not going to get into the exact protocol that they go through, but it’s one that I think pretty much with NFL teams, they’ve got to pass certain tests. They’ve got to be cleared by the doctor and believe me, we’re never going to put any young man on the field, concussion, any injury unless they’re fully able to go and they’re cleared by the medical people.

"One thing is as a coach, I don’t have anything to do with any of those decisions. I just get the injury report from our trainers and doctors and they tell me who’s available and who’s not available, and we go by that standard. That’s why it’s important for everybody on our team to really understand that they’ve got to be ready to play at any given moment, that that’s why they’ve got to prepare. Just take a look around the country. There’s guys getting hurt every week, whether it’s at the high school level, the college level, the pro level, so that’s why we talk about, hey, you’ve got to be able to go, and if you’re number’s called, we expect you to go in and play as good or better than the guy you’re replacing. We always have a protocol with the concussions and really with any injury that we go through because we’re going to make sure that that kid is ready to go and can go play at a high level after they return from an injury."