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Danielle Ohl
Editor in Chief
Mina Haq
Managing Editor
Jason Dobkin
Director of Digital Strategy
Treva Thrush
Deputy Managing Editor
Andi Cwieka
Managing Editor, Online
Jack Paciotti & Daphne Pellegrino
Assistant Managing Editors
Ellie Silverman
Special Projects Editor
Taylor Swaak
News Editor
Evan Berkowitz
Design Editor
Kyle Stackpole
Sports Editor
Tom Hausman & Marquise McKine
Photography Editors
Michael Errigo & Josh Magness
Diversions Editors
Alexandra Simon
Multimedia Editor
Reuven Bank & William An
Opinion Editors
Jake Hughes
Director of Diamondback Lab
Talia Richman
General Assignment Editor
Uyen Nguyen & Ryan Romano
Copy Desk Chiefs


Danielle Ohl, editor in chief, is a senior journalism major.

She has worked as a diversions editor and a diversions writer.

Mina Haq, managing editor, is a junior journalism major.

She has worked as a copy editor and an assistant managing editor.

Treva Thrush, deputy managing editor, is a junior journalism major.

She has worked as a copy desk chief and assistant managing editor.

Reuven Bank, opinion editor, is a sophomore biology major.

He has worked as a columnist.

William An, opinion editor, is a sophomore business student.

He has worked as a columnist.