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Editor in chief

The government opened up again this week, just in time to prevent a chain reaction from the country bumping up against its debt ceiling. As the editorial board has pointed out multiple times, the shutdown was both avoidable and harmful.

I’m particularly proud of our shutdown coverage, from the news stories to the many columns. There was a lot to talk about this week, and here’s some of what I’m glad to look over again:


Although little headway has been made in a proposed redevelopment of the university golf course, officials and a local developer are receiving strong backlash from opponents.

U.S. House of Representatives Minority Whip Steny Hoyer wrote an op-ed Monday about health care:

“Thanks to a concerted effort by Gov. Martin O’Malley, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and many other state and local officials, hundreds of thousands of state residents who are uninsured or find their current health plan too expensive can visit the Maryland Health Connection, compare plans and sign up for affordable coverage. And there are many reasons why students will benefit from checking out the Maryland Health Connection online today.”

The Terrapins football team beat Virginia, 27-26, on Saturday, thanks to a missed field goal by Virginia kicker Alec Vozenilek. Finally, something went right.

Want to learn about sex classes, hookup culture and sexual health on the campus? Find all that and more in The Diamondback’s 2013 Sex in College Park tab.


The editorial board took a stance on that golf course plan with the view that College Park is at a crossroads, and the proposed golf course redevelopment would take the city down the wrong path.

Butane hash oil, a mix of cannabinoids extracted from marijuana clippings and blasted with butane, has been smoked on the West Coast for decades. But recently, the drug, often known as “dabs,” has gained popularity in this state and the region.

Terrapins football linebacker Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil will miss the rest of the season with a pectoralis injury suffered in Saturday’s 27-26 win over Virginia, the team announced Monday.


Staff writer Kelsey Hughes wrote about her love of Bridget Jones and the eponymous novels:

“Bridget Jones is not me. She is not any woman I have ever known nor likely any woman I will ever meet. But in some way, Bridget understands me, and for that reason, I will choose to go back and read about her problems and escape from my own for a while.”

Ever seen a man on the campus (usually near Hornbake Library) looking into a telescope pointed toward the sun? If you haven’t, you should. His name is Kirk Collins, and he’s a wonderful astronomy expert who wants to teach passing pedestrians about the science of the sun.


It took 16 days of behind-the-scenes negotiations, stalled talks and finger-pointing, but Congress has reached a compromise to reopen the government and address the looming debt ceiling deadline.

The two deaf Terrapins sports patrons who — along with the National Association of the Deaf — sued the university last month for inadequate captioning at sporting events filed a second complaint Wednesday, adding additional violations.

Terrapins football quarterback C.J. Brown shared his thoughts about the risks of concussions in the sport.

Friday digital edition


For the first time, the university joined the Great ShakeOut, an annual drill organized by the Earthquake Country Alliance aimed at educating people about the safest way to react to an earthquake.

  • The University Health Center held an open house Thursday afternoon as part of the Sex Week event series co-sponsored by the health center to raise awareness about women's health.

  • SGA funds
  • Responding to community backlash, university President Wallace Loh sent a formal letter to prospective golf course redeveloper Brian Gibbons. See the entire letter here.

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    From the landing page:

    As the first ever UMD Sex Week wraps up, our opinion columnists — Erik Shell, Ezra Fishman, Tiffany Burba and Marc Priester — take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of college sex. Along with those columns, two letters to the editor offer a positive and negative take about UMD Sex Week itself.

    Also check out this awesome list of 10 reasons Cole Field House is the best.


    Rocky Horror is a cultural phenomenon. But why did the sexy mock-horror film become that? Read our latest Diversions Creatavist package here

    Also read senior staff writer Eric Bricker's review of The Fifth Estate, the Julian Assange-centric movie he writes "sets its sights too broadly, spoon-feeding us history instead of drama." And Bricker writes of 12 Years a Slave, "despite its strong central performances and McQueen’s visually rich craftsmanship, it never fully works as a film."


    When the men’s and women’s basketball teams hit the Cole Field House floor for Maryland Madness tonight, the Terps will have their first chance in 11 years to recreate that environment. At 5:30 p.m., for the first time since the 2001-02 season, the historic Cole Field House will open its doors for a Terps basketball event.

    Read the rest of senior staff writer Aaron Kasinitz's Cole feature here

    The Terrapins football team could clinch bowl eligibility for the first time since 2010 with a win tomorrow at Wake Forest.

    The government won’t be shut down next week, but I’m sure we’ll still have great stories. See you then.